Salut Q 31 pcs Floral ornements 3d modèle STL relief pour cnc STL format fleur 3d Modèle En Relief STL Routeur 3 axes Graveur ArtCam

3kw cnc broche, machine de ponçage

Laser Cut Mdf

150w/180w/280w. Nouveau acar. Ciseau sculpture. Center heigh: Product weight: 4030z-800w. H0148. 0-30000mm / s. 3040zq-usb 3axis. Marking depth: Assambled: Ly-ct3020 3 axis. 300w 3axis. Tb-1225. Cast iron body. Resoution: 

3018 Cnc

Marking area: 1390 laser cutting machine/metal laser cutter. Sonde cnc. Body color: Black. Cnc 3040 z-vfd 1.5kw 4 axis. Spindle rotating speed: Cnc cncusb. Belt width: 1.5kw water cooling spindle(2.2kw 3.0kw 4.5kw (option). Fl0074. 240x180x30mm. Rotary axis: Belt transmission. With limt switch. 

6040z Cnc Routeur

With limited switch. Cnc routeur 3040 nouveau. Laser fiber machine. Aluminium alloy. Tour en métal. 4030t-d300 3axis + mach3 ly-usb100. Usb2.0. Color: Max. cutting width: Four motor shaft 57 (u port dual parallel port). 2.2 kw cnc broche. 30mm~40mm/s. 

Cnc 300 W

Spindle motor: : Control interface: Cnc router 6040 z-d300. 57bygh76-2.5a, 8 segments drive.. 3040z-300w-usb. Pvc/pcb/wood/tile/acrylic/eva foam/jade/aluminum/sliver  ect.. Ly 3040 10w. 2030-2 in 1 3axis. Weihong nk105 dsp/mach3/nc-studio. 1200mm*2400mm. BenboxMachine à étiquettes. 4axis cnc router 6040 z-s80. Ha154. Gear and ball screw. 3040 4 axis. Cnc 3040 z-d 500w 3 axis wood milling machine. 700*900*200mm. 

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